The Bad Wife


Pleased as punch (sparkly and spiked) to announce that my essay, The Bad Wife, was recently published at PANK Magazine. A short excerpt: “The Husband lies prostrate on a gurney, his bladder drained by a jaundiced tube. A long, thin needle through which CO2 will surge is inserted into his belly button and his freshly shaved midsection soon inflates like molten glass to three times its ordinary mass. This is called insufflation of the peritoneal cavity. Black lines are drawn crisscross along the corporeal mass, preserving only a rectangular swath of skin bordering the umbilicus—an emerging grid plan that looks like Midtown Manhattan, Central Park at its core. The flesh below the Husband’s belly button is punctured several times with sharp-tipped hollow trocars that are drilled by hand through layers of epidermis and fat, like an auger through ice, carving out five clammy burrows…” Read more here at PANK.

4 thoughts on “The Bad Wife

  1. Dale, you may remember the post/place of this essay’s origins, which go back to 2011, when I wrote a 45-line poem (If one can call it that) of the same title, which I posted on my former blog. I remember your response. And others. And for three years I kept the poem in my head, thinking about the responses here and there, and finally, knowing more had to be written, wrote this now published piece while working on my MFA.

    Thanks always, for your support. 🙂



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